Which open source license to choose?

I am working on a few projects I would like to release as open source. One of the important things to consider when releasing code as open source is the license to release it under. I think the license should not be an after thought, but a careful consideration up front before you commit your first code. What if you release it on Github and someone likes it and decides to contribute. Changing a license after accepting contributions is not trivial.

Researching this topic I came across a few websites that simplify the complex word of open source licenses and help select the right license. I thought I would share these:

  • Choose a license: very short and to the point. Good starting point. Good overview of different licenses, what they allow and don’t allow. It also tells you what is required from you.
  • License differentiator: This tool attempts to help its users understand their own preferences in relation to free and open source software licences. It basically helps narrow down the open source licenses that suite your preferences.
  • TL;DR: AKA Software Licenses in Plain English, lookup popular software licenses summarized at-a-glance. Provides information, tools and Professional Services related to Open Source Software (OSS) that can help vendors and users understand and use OSS more efficiently, and in a manner that helps reduce the risks of non-compliance.

If you have any other suggestions please drop me a comment.

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