Interesting open source projects to look at

This will be a never ending list of open source projects I want to look into. They look like potential candidates to be used on future projects, but need more thorough analysis.

  • Kamon – Reactive Application Monitoring: Kamon is a Open Source set of tools that help you to get metrics out of your reactive applications built on top of Akka, Spray and Play! Kamon uses bytecode instrumentation to introduce metrics and tracing logic into your application, without you having to modify a single line of code. All the collected information is available through a simple, actor-based messaging protocol with integrations already available out of the box.

Any suggestions you think I should look into?

Which open source license to choose?

I am working on a few projects I would like to release as open source. One of the important things to consider when releasing code as open source is the license to release it under. I think the license should not be an after thought, but a careful consideration up front before you commit your first code. What if you release it on Github and someone likes it and decides to contribute. Changing a license after accepting contributions is not trivial. Continue reading