Yes you can: Diff with EGit in Eclipse!

In my previous post on how to quickly view all the changes between two branches in Git I ended with the statement “Is there away to do the same in Eclipse with EGit?“. I Googled around for the answer a bit, but with no success. By accident I just discovered how to compare the working version of a file to the commited version. Not entirely the same, but getting closer 🙂 For the purpose of being able to quickly check what changes I have made to write meaningful commit messages this is sufficient for me.

Anyway, these are the steps:

  • Open Git Staging (Window > Show view > Git > Git Staging)
  • Double click on a file in “Unstaged Changes” or “Staged Changes”

And voilà! There is a beautiful window with a side to side diff of the working version and commited version. Nice! I hope this is useful.

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