Converting a java.util.Map to scala.collections.Map

While converting an Java servlet example to Scala I ran into a little snag when I had to convert a java.util.Map to a concatenated String in Scala. Actually, I initially couldn’t figure out how to convert java.util.Map to scala.collections.Map. It turned out to be very simple. Here is the code example I came up with and tested with Scala Worksheet in Eclipse. The example is a little more elaborate, because I also needed to convert the Map to a concatenated string of key value pairs. Continue reading

Installing Oracle JDK 7 in Debian/Ubuntu/Mint

I am currently learning Scala and wanted to install the Scala IDE. In the process I ran into some problems that it programs would not compile correctly, which seemed to be caused by the OpenJDK 7. So I decided to remove OpenJDK 7 and install Oracle JDK 7. All the instructions I could find to do this where downloading based on manually downloading the Oracle JDK 7 and installing it interactively. As I also wanted the installation to work in a Docker container I wanted a fully automated solution. Continue reading