Cannot install Popcorn Time Android app

Important note: The functionality provided by Popcorn Time is illegal. Use it at your own risk.

I recently checked out the Windows version of Popcorn Time. I really like it, it reminds me of Netflix. I’m the owner of a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S5) and tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 10.1) and also wanted to test the Popcorn Time Android app. The app is not available in the Playstore (for obvious reasons, see the note at the top of this post). You need to download the .apk file from here and install it manually. To install it enable installation from unknown sources. This is not the subject of this post, so Google around there are lots of instructions on how to do this.

The Android app installed fine on my smartphone. When I tried to install it on my tablet the install button did not react. It was not disabled, but when I clicked it nothing happened. Huh? O well, it didn’t bother me too much at the time as I could use my S5 or Windows. Then the Android App on my S5 said that an update was available, I choose to update. When the installation screen appeared with the install button I had the same problem as on my tablet that the install button did not react. Grrrr.

It was time to take a deep dive and solve this problem. After a lot of fiddling I discovered that the Darker app was the culprit. Darker is an app that reduces the brightness of the screen, which is great to limit the glow of the screen when it is dark. After disabling the Darker app I could click the install button. On my tablet I am running the Twilight app, which provides the same functionality as the Darker app. So I decided to check if this was the culprit. After disabling the Twilight app the install button worked. Go figure! No idea why these apps are disabling the install button. Any ideas?

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