Improving readability of WordPress home page with Read More tag

I have a large number of blog posts and a few of them are quit long. The WordPress theme I am using show the complete post on the home page. This means users visiting the home page need to scroll “forever” going through the posts. This was annoying me. I was thinking of switching to a theme that limited the blog post size on the home page providing a read more link to the full blog post. I could not find a suitable theme that worked well for desktop, tablet and smartphone. What to do?

I then remembered a seeing a button in the visual editor called Read More tag. Would this do the trick? Yes it does! Place the tag at the point were you want to break of the blog post text. On the home page a Continue reading link is placed at this point that links to a page that displays the full blog post. From a user perspective this improves the readability and usability of the home page. Problem solved! Nice!

BTW the Continue reading link is placed on any page that contains a collection of blog posts. In other words, when you click on a tag or category the blog post texts are limited. Pretty  cool.

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