Aaahhhhh, changing the shell defaults of Git Bash under Windows

Have you been frustrated by the default window shell settings of Git Bash under Windows? I have. Changing the settings of the Git Bash window directly using properties does not work. Today it bugged me enough that I decided to spend some time to fix it.

These instruction are for Windows 8.

You can modify the Git Bash window settings by changing the shortcut directly:

  • Open the start menu folder for Git Bash for Windows: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Git.
  • Right click on the Git Bash shortcut file and select Properties.
  • Make the changes to the tabs Font, Layout and Colors.
  • Click OK to finish.
  • A warning is displayed “You will need to provide administrator permissions to change these settings” click on Continue.

That’s it, the settings have been changed. Usable font and window size. No more frustration. Happy Gitting 🙂

One thought on “Aaahhhhh, changing the shell defaults of Git Bash under Windows

  1. Cheers 🙂 I’ve been using a super high DPI screen and Git Bash liked to default to a font for ants.

    Worth noting you can also do this by right-clicking the icon on the start screen if using that.

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